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Principals Message

Homework Solutions That Work from Mrs Egan:
Organization is the theme for October when it comes to homework. Teachers provide classroom instruction and specific expectations (such as rubrics, binder sections, folders, files, paper headings) for student management of their learning. How can parents learn what these instructions and expectations are? First, ask your child to show you the assignment, printed instructions, binder, or the website with the instructions. Teachers will have provided one or all of these back-ups. Students are encouraged to ask the teacher questions before leaving school if they do not understand the assignment expectations. If doubt occurs at home, children should call or email a buddy student first, then email the teacher that evening if a roadblock continues. The last step is for the child to ask the teacher first thing in the morning, before school begins, if they are unable to complete the assignment independently. Parents are the back-up support for coaching communication between the student and teacher. Parents should not assume that they must solve the child’s homework problems. Instead, play the role of coach by reviewing the steps your child did or did not take. Then, offer suggestions on the next steps, one at a time. By coaching responsibility to be a clear communicator, parents, teachers and students each play their role in shaping an organized learning process that meets the specific needs of each student.