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Student Study TeamThe Student Study Team (SST) provides added support through modifications and particular teaching strategies that enhance learning of individual students as needed. Led by a credentialed teacher, the program assists students, plans modifications on student needs and provides one-on-one assistance after school. Through the SST, every effort is made to help students achieve at or above grade level.

Small Group & Multi-Age Group Learning Opportunities

This unique feature in our Catholic leadership curriculum allows students to learn at their highest levels and to grow as Active Christians, Responsible Individuals, Life Long Learners and Globally Aware Citizens. Our program engages students in small groups, multi-age groups and project-based learning opportunities, aided by mobile learning devices.

Technology Integrated Education

Our teachers continue to learn and grow using emerging technology and instructional techniques. We see technology as a set of tools. Students and teachers utilize technology to enhance learning in multiple ways across curriculum, as well as in extracurricular and enrichment opportunities.